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Cross-border Fulfillment

Value Added Services

What We Do

We simplify cross-border fulfillment with an obsession for customer success

How we do it

We are dynamic in everything we do, achieving same day border crossing and carrier injection with state of the art WMS


Cross-Border Fulfillment is Booming

Reduced Shipping Times and Costs

Nearshoring to Tijuana allows for faster delivery times and lower transportation expenses due to the city's close proximity to the United States

San Ysidro Border
Strategic Cross-Border Location

Tijuana's robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and favorable business environment make it a prime destination for e-commerce companies expanding into the North American market

Continued E-Commerce Expansion

Industry experts forecast a 10-15% annual increase in e-commerce activity in the Tijuana region, driving further investment and job creation. 4,500 daily  crossing trucks at Otay Mesa port of entry


Warehouse and Fulfillment Solutions As Individual As You Are

By addressing these critical challenges with our tailored services, Prosper Fulfillment is a vital partner for your business. We optimize your warehousing and fulfillment operations while navigating the complexities of cross-border trade. Let's drive your  e-commerce success together.

Tijuana: An E-commerce Hub we know well

Regulatory Framework

Import & Export Practices

Skilled Workforce

Experienced professional talent pool

Strategic Location

2 hours away from LA/Long Beach port, 25 minutes away from San Diego